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This calculator is designed to help you estimate property taxes after purchasing your home. Before we start, watch the video below to understand what are supplemental taxes.

After a property transfers, State law (Proposition 13, passed in 1978) requires the Assessor’s Office to set a new assessed value for your property. This value, called the assessed value, should reflect the market value of the property as of the date of transfer. However, it takes time for our office to analyze market data to determine the fair market value. By the time we value your property for reassessment and update our records, property tax bills may already be calculated based on the prior assessed values. Therefore, supplemental tax bills are issued to “catch up” on those taxes.

Please also make note of the fact that supplemental tax bills may not be paid during closing or by the lender, if you have established an impound account. Please contact your lender, or loan servicing entity to understand the terms of your financial responsibilities.


To get started, please enter the following information about your property.

Disclaimer: This calculator can only provide approximate estimates for 100% ownership transfers. It cannot be used to estimate supplemental taxes on construction activities. Please note tax rates and CPI vary annually.
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If no record found, please check San Francisco Property Information Map for more information.