Our office will be closed Wednesday, June 19, for the Juneteenth holiday.

On Monday, April 29, the Office of the Assessor-Recorder will transition to a new main office phone number, 628-652-8100. For the 12 months following this transition, constituents who call the Office’s prior phone number will automatically be transferred to our new line. As part of this transition, the Office is instituting key upgrades to improve the experience that San Franciscans have when calling us. To learn more, click here.

If the assessed value of your business personal property of the prior year is less than $50,000, you may not be required to file the Business Apartment Statement, Form 571-R. Instead, you will receive a Direct Bill Notice for Apartment Rentals. If you receive this notice, your tax bill will be based on the assessed value from prior year. If there is a change in your business, such as, a change in value, please check the appropriate box on page 2 of the notice and return it to our office.

Friday, March 2, 2018

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Last updated: 3/15/24