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Lessors' Exemption Claim A (BOE-263-A)

The Lessor’s Exemption is available to property that is leased, as of the lien date, January 1, for the following uses:

  • Public libraries that are free and open to the public
  • Museums that are free and open to the public
  • Leased property used exclusively for public schools, community colleges, state colleges, or state universities, including the University of California.
  • Leased property used exclusively for educational purposes by a nonprofit institution of higher education.

Additionally, section 206.2, allows the Lessor's Exemption on property used exclusively for religious worship, including church parking for congregations of 500 or less.

Submission Deadline: Within 120 days of the commencement date of the lease.

Form Number: 

Last updated: 7/26/19