Estate Planning Workshops


Estate planning is an important tool to preserve hard-earned assets and can be used as the foundation for building intergenerational wealth. Assessor Torres, in partnership with Housing and Economic Rights Advocates, is proud to launch Estate Planning services for low- to moderate-income residents in southeast and Western Addition neighborhoods of the city. We hope you can share information about this pilot program with your community members.

遺產規劃是保存來之不易的資產的重要工具,可作為建立跨代財富的基礎。 估值官郭華健與住房與經濟權益倡導機構(HERA)合作,為居住於三藩市東南部和西增區家庭中低收入居民提供遺產規劃。 我們希望您可以與您的社區分享有關此試點計劃的信息。


5/3/2022 Cantonese Estate Planning Workshop

  • Hosted by Housing and Economic Rights Advocates (HERA) and Office of the Assessor-Recorder
  • Welcome remarks: Assessor Joaquín Torres and Assemblymember Phil Ting
  • Time: 5:00 PM
  • Zoom Registration -


2022 年 5 月 3 日 遺產規劃研討會

  • 此研討會將以廣東話進行
  • 估值官郭華健與住房與經濟權益倡導機構(HERA)合作主辦
  • 歡迎致辭: 估值官郭華健和州眾議員丁右立
  • 下午 5 點開始
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