Copies of recorded documents (Deeds, Liens, etc.) can only be ordered in person or by mail. Copies of recorded documents are $3.00 per page for pages 1 through 3. Additional pages beyond page 3 are $0.50 per page. Certification fee is $1.00 per document.

In Person

To obtain a copy of a previously recorded document, please visit our office during business hours and use one of our public terminals for your research.  Our office does not provide search services.

By Mail

Requests by mail will only be accepted if a specific document number is provided (search for recorded documents for years 2000 to present. Any documents recorded prior to 2000 must be searched in person). Complete and send the Recorded Document Request Form By Mail along with payment.  Copy fees are based on the number of pages per document.  Acceptable payments are pre-printed name and address (no P.O. Boxes or Out-of-State), CA drawn bank check or money order/Cashier’s Check payable to the “San Francisco Assessor-Recorder”.

If you are unsure of the number of pages within the document, you may write on your check, below the amount line, “NTE” for “Not To Exceed” and indicate a dollar amount. The Recorder staff will write in the exact amount in the dollar amount line and complete the second line on your check to indicate the exact amount to be charged to your bank account.