In 2021, Assessor Joaquín Torres expanded the office's Family Wealth Series in partnership with community-based organizations as well as the SF Public Library. The Family Wealth Series connects underserved communities to resources and experts to strengthen homeownership across neighborhoods.

Some people face barriers to accessing services like financial advising and estate planning– a pervasive and costly issue. Our goal with the Family Wealth Series is to lower barriers and connect all San Franciscans, regardless of household income, with the resources they need to make the right financial choices to build a life of safety and security for themselves and their families.

The high turnout and positive responses from attendees at previous Family Wealth events are a clear indication that there is a need in the community to share information to build financial resilience.

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2022 Family Wealth Series: Homeowner Resources Workshop Descriptions

An empowering presentation series about fair home appraisals, strengthening your HOA, and resources to help you avoid foreclosure and related property scams. Interpretation available in Spanish and Cantonese. Check out the video recordings at Assessor Torres' YouTube channel.

July 12: Secure a Fair Appraisal - presented by San Francisco Office of the Assessor-Recorder
Racial and ethnic discrimination in the appraisal of home values undermines the purchasing power of families of color. The Office of the Assessor-Recorder's Racial Equity group will shed light on appraisal discrimination and offer best practices for you to secure a fair appraisal.

Presentation slides: Secure a Fair Appraisal

July 19: Understanding Homeowners Associations (HOAs) - presented by Housing and Economic Rights Advocates
Gain a better understanding of the role of HOA covenants, bylaws, and the board. The mismanagement of an HOA can lead to excessive costs and/or wrongful foreclosure on homeowners, particularly older adults or people with disabilities. Learn about your legal rights and how to avoid common challenges of being part of an HOA.

Presentation slides: Understanding HOAs

July 26: Foreclosure Prevention - presented by Housing and Economic Rights Advocates
Have you fallen behind on mortgage payments during the pandemic? Wondering if there's a way to dig yourself out from an unaffordable "past due" amount? You're not alone. Learn about options that may be available to help you get back on track and stay in your home, including grant resources and loan modification programs – as well as how to avoid predatory schemes that target desperate homeowners.

Presentation slides: Foreclosure Prevention



2021 Workshop Descriptions

Prop 19
Eligible homeowners can take advantage of property tax savings that come from Prop 19, which passed in November 2020. San Francisco Assessor Joaquín Torres takes a deep dive into Prop 19 and shares new benefits for seniors and families in this presentation.

Video Presentation: Prop 19 Property Tax Benefits

Additional Prop 19 Resources: Learn more about Proposition 19 (2020). Learn on our one-stop webpage here.

Personal Finance for First-Time Homeowners
Are you planning to buy your first home? This workshop introduces concepts of lending and credit score. Gain tangible steps to build credit and reach financial goals, including purchasing your first home. San Francisco Assessor Joaquín Torres welcomes Northeast Community Federal Credit Union and Mission Asset Fund to co-present this workshop.

Video Presentation: Personal Finance for First-Time Homeowners

Property Tax 101
Knowing how your property taxes work, what causes them to go up and down and what exemptions are available is important – and that knowledge can even save you money. In this workshop San Francisco Assessor Joaquín Torres covers property tax basics, explains what they pay for, and how to pay them.

Video Presentation: Property Tax 101

Estate Planning 101
This workshop explains the difference between passing on property through probate versus having an estate plan in place. You’ll learn key components of an estate plan, including a trust, durable power of attorney, advanced healthcare directive, and a will.

Video Presentation: Estate Planning 101